Undergoing the Scholarship Application Process

While each funder will have different expectations for their application process, many scholarship application processes are incredibly similar.

Scholarships for the Extremely Talented

Upon admission, some schools will invite you to audition for or compete for specialized scholarships based on talent.

Scholarships for Scholars

If you’ve studied hard in high school or in a community college, your grades may pay off in the end.

How to Make the Most of Your College Experience

College provides an opportunity to experience things you may never have the opportunity to experience again.

Mom Was Right… Clean Your Room!

Consider the contrary… attempting to study in a messy room. When you are surrounded by clutter, there are too many distractions, and it is extremely challenging to give your full and undivided attention to school work.

Getting a Degree Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

Financial aid exists for anyone who wishes to attend college in the form of scholarships and grants, regardless of your educational, financial, or professional background.

Is Financial Aid Not Cutting It? Get Real Help Paying for College!

A hardworking student may attempt to balance life, relationships, school, and a job… but this is just spreading yourself too thin!

Choosing the Right Career Path While it Still Counts

Regardless of your age, it is possible to change directions.

It’s Easier Than You Think to Pay for College…

If you are a college student, or future student, who can’t afford a good education; then the GI Bill may make sense for you.

Real Financial Aid for College, Courtesy of Uncle Sam

How many times have you read the basic requirements for a scholarship and become discouraged? You might have to have a parent who pursued a particular field, you may need to live in a specific state or region. In fact, there may even be crazy requirements like being a certain height or skin color. You […]