British Columbia Scholarship

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There are many people trying to go to school in British Columbia. This is why there have been different scholarships which have been created just to let these people get their shot at being able to go to school. Among the different scholarships which are available is the W. Kaye Lamb Award essay contest. There are two different divisions which are available for this scholarship so that you can get the money that you need so that you can go to school.

First Division

The first division of the scholarship is available for all students looking to attend college in the first and second year. You will write an essay which is related to the history of British Columbia. The deadline for essay submission is on May 15th every year. The total award amount is $750 if your essay is picked as one of the top essays in your division.

Second Division

You can also enter the essay contest in the second division which is open to all students in their third and fourth years. Just like tin the first division, you will be writing an essay about the history of British Columbia. If your essay is picked as one of the top submissions you will be able to earn a $1,0000 scholarship. The submission deadline for this is also on May15th. You can find out more at

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