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There are many young people around the country who breed and raise rabbits. While there are many young people doing this they are more than outnumbered by those who raise other forms of livestock across the country. To reward those students who do specialize in caring for rabbits there are scholarships available to honor them for their work. The American Rabbit Breeder Association Inc., or ARBA, offers such a scholarship.

The ARBA Youth Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to qualifying students who have had at least a 3 year continuous membership with the ARBA. Qualifying applications must also be seniors who are planning on attending a two or four year college after their high school graduation. Applicants must also be enrolled in the college they are planning upon attending the following fall.

Additional Qualifications

Scholarship applicants must have at least a 3.0 GPA and be in the tip 50% of their graduating class. Although the ARBA will also accept applications submitted by students who are home schooled. Although all applicants must submit their school transcripts and their SAT or ACT scores to the ARBA along with the official ARBA scholarship application.

Applications fo4 the scholarship can be downloaded from the official ARBA website or obtained from their headquarters, or from one of members of the scholarship selection committee. Applications must be received by the ARBA by July 31st of each year. Applications which are received after this date or those which are incomplete will not be accepted for consideration to be awarded the scholarship.

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