Ohio State Rabbit Scholarship

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If you love rabbits and would like to work in a field in which you will be able to make a difference in the lives of rabbits, you will get the opportunity to go to college based on this passion. This is because there are many different groups out there which would like to see there be improvements in the rabbit community in terms of the way they are raised and the manner in which they are approached in the eyes of the media.

The Scholarship

The scholarship is the Greene County Rabbit Committee scholarship. The scholarship is intended just for those who live in Greene County to be able to go to college. The majority of those who have won in the past are those who have been members of the 4-H. This is because they understand the best methods to raise rabbits and the best way to show that they are best suited to win the scholarship.

What You will Get

The scholarship which is awarded is a modest scholarship in the amount of $500, but when it comes to paying for college, every penny counts. This will help to offset the costs of tuition, books and more. With the money, students will be able to worry less about money for college and more on the reason why they are attending college in the first place. Click on the link above to find even more great scholarships.

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