Saving Lives with the AAMN Foundation Scholarship for Men

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There are a lot of men every year looking to get started in a career as a male nurse. This is a trend which is growing but is still slow on the rise. This is because it is still a profession which is thought of as a profession for women. This is why there are different organizations looking to help give men the money that they need to go to college so that they can become a nurse in this in demand industry.

About the AAMN

The American Assembly for Men in Nursing (AAMN) is a foundation which is created to help promote men getting involved in the profession of nursing. They feel there needs to be better representation as well as acceptance of men in this profession dominated by females. This is why they have partnered with Johnson and Johnson in order to help bring this scholarship to men looking to get a degree in nursing.

Those Who Qualify

To receive the scholarship, you have to be male. You also have to be interested in a pre-RN license or be on your way to completing a graduate degree in nursing. Those who win the scholarship will be awarded $1,000 to get them started in their college career and get the degree that they need to get started in the career of their choice so that they can start making a difference. To get an application for the scholarship, visit:

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