State Farm Insurance Scholarship for Academic Achievers

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For years State Farm Insurance has advertised to the public that they have the qualities of a goof neighbor you can turn to in a time of need. The company also goes beyond what a neighbor would do for you by providing money for some to pay for college expenses. One of the ways the company does this is through their contribution to the Nation Merit Achievement Scholarship.

About the Scholarship

This scholarship is made available to 20 African-American high school seniors each year. The seniors who get this scholarship must rank at the top of their class academically. This is one of a few different minority scholarships the company make awards annually.

Scholarship Qualifications

The National Merit Achievement Scholarship is a non-renewable scholarship of $2,500. Students must be African-American United States citizens who are high school seniors. These students must pass the selection process for the scholarship which includes their demonstration of high academic achievement. This includes the review for PSAT scores and official transcripts. Students also need to be able to demonstrate that they have experienced personal achievements outside of the classroom and that they possess leadership skills ad

This interested in qualifying for this scholarship must submit an application which can be obtained from their website or by mail. Application request by mail are sent to the National Merit Scholarship Corporation in Evanston, Illinois location. An application can also be download3ed from the National Merit Corporation’s official website. The official website also offers additional details and information about the application submission process.

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