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College Scholarship Search Site Snapshot:

  • Cost: Free.
  • Access: Total access to college scholarships and admissions-related information, but it can take some time for the information to arrive.
  • Scholarship Search Login: Required. All the information collected is directly linked to obtaining university scholarships and college admissions.
  • Information Security: Very secure. Cappex promises not to sell your information.
  • Custom scholarship search results: Yes. Custom college scholarships and custom admissions information.
  • Scholarship Information Organization: Poor. Cappex's own college scholarships are easy to navigate, once you find the right buttons to get you there. But finding scholarships provided by colleges and universities themselves is difficult at best. The university scholarships are accessible only through a listing of schools, which makes looking through them time consuming.
  • Direct links to scholarship sites: No.
  • Quantity of Scholarships: Poor. Cappex only lists the 9 college scholarships that it provides. The other scholarships must be considered on a school-by-school basis, and searching through them is tedious.
  • Tip: Fill out the various extras that Cappex asks for. The way this website works, the more information about your college career, the better and will result in more college scholarship matches.
Search Scholarships

Finding College Scholarships on Cappex

Upon first glance, Cappex seems wonderful. When you fill out its extensive information forms, advertising is almost nonexistent, giving it the look and feel of a paid college scholarships search site. But once you are logged in and begin using their service, one big problem becomes clear: Cappex is not solely dedicated to university scholarships.

Cappex does offer some helpful information. For instance, they will help match you up with the perfect college, and help you track admissions and other information for all the colleges you're interested in. Their college database appears relatively comprehensive, offering a list of most popular colleges based on your geographic region and based on site-wide traffic. But when it comes to scholarships, they have dropped the ball.

Instead of offering a wide range of scholarships, when you click on their "Scholarships" link, you get only university scholarships offered by Cappex itself. In order to find any broader range, you have to dig a little bit. Under a link well-hidden on a sidebar, you'll find "Merit Scholarships." Once you click that, you'll have to look through individual schools - there is no way to conduct a comprehensive search for college scholarships, nor is there any way to compare them on the website.

Cappex itself doesn't offer a bad variety of scholarships. For the most part, they are merit-based, and specific to particular fields of study. But at the same time, they are very limited, with only 9 offerings available. It might be worth signing up for Cappex if you have time on your hands just so that you can apply to the Cappex-specific scholarships, but don't forego other college scholarships to apply to these.

On the plus side, filling out the Cappex profile creation form was easy and very professional. Other sites can be riddled with ads, making them feel more like an infomercial. The information was also more detailed as compared to other sites. Instead of the simple questions, they also ask for GPA, and a shortened resume to help attract new colleges. Again, that's all great and very useful, but it's geared toward a college search, not a university scholarships search.

If you are looking for more information on colleges or have a very general idea of what type of college you want to attend, then the services that Cappex provides might really help. They are excellent for college matching, and helpful for pointing out colleges that might not have been your immediate first choice. It's a great tool and an excellent resource, but it's too complicated and unwieldy to use just for scholarship searches. Don't waste your time here, unless you have time to burn - go elsewhere and get more results in a better format.

Cappex Scholarships Overall Rating

Cappex Scholarship Search review rating

Cappex University Scholarships Search Site Overview

This site seems to be geared towards students looking for admissions help rather than help finding a college scholarship. The website has an appealing design and seems very informative, but in the end you'll be bogged down by extras you just don't need. Unless you want the help with college admissions that Cappex provides, you're better off going elsewhere for help finding university scholarships.