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University Scholarships Search Site Snapshot:

  • Cost: Free.
  • Scholarship Search Login: Not required.
  • Information Security: Site does not collect information.
  • Tip: Don't be overwhelmed by the site. Look carefully at it, and you'll see what sections will be most helpful to you.
  • Custom scholarship search results: No.
  • Scholarship Information Organization: Poor.
  • Direct links to scholarship sites: Yes.
  • Quantity of Scholarships: Decent.

Search Scholarships

Finding School Scholarships on

Visiting for the first time was a little overwhelming. It was difficult to know where we ought to be looking because there are just so many links crammed onto a relatively small page. Immediately, you'll notice the links to different colleges. The website has organized them into a bunch of different subgroups, so don't be daunted by the number of link buttons that will lead you off into college searching. Scan past them, and only then will you start to see links to college scholarships.

From the main page, it is clear that isn't just focused on undergraduate scholarships. In fact, there are many links providing information on a number of subjects, from scholarship guide information to college links to general college life tips. But all this information together makes the site difficult to navigate; it's not targeted toward undergraduate scholarships, and thus you have to do some digging to get the information you need.

Once you find the scholarship guide sections - there are multiple sections, divided somewhat awkwardly - the website isn't as user friendly as it could be. Instead of looking along the links provided in the menu on the left, we recommend looking in the body of the homepage text. Using that as a reference, you'll be able to find related links much more effectively than just by looking down the left.

We were excited to find that the website publishes a newsletter. It focuses on college admissions and scholarships rather than just undergraduate scholarships, but it still looks as though it might be useful. Unfortunately, getting yourself subscribed to the newsletter is a difficult process. On top of that, it appears that the newsletter may not have been published since 2007 - which in turn raises questions about how well updated the site is.

Nonetheless, a lack of updates doesn't stop this site from being useful. Because it pulls together links to a number of different undergraduate scholarships and search sites, you can still find resources on there even if the content hasn't been changed since 2007. There is a notice on the homepage inviting users to send in link recommendations, but it is unclear whether or not that has since been stopped and the website has been neglected.

The bottom line is that this website is disorganized and doesn't directly link you to undergraduate scholarships, which makes it time consuming to use. But if you have the time to search it thoroughly, you could find a link to a great scholarship guide - it's all a question of whether you've got the time to spend. If you do, then go for it. If not, there are places that will give you good results with a lot less hassle.


College-Scholarships Overall Rating

College-Scholarship dot com Scholarship Search review rating Collge Scholarship Finder Overview

This site has so much information that the designers don't seem to know what to do with it all. This results in a jumbled and at times confusing display that nonetheless is hiding some excellent resources. Although this site doesn't list undergraduate scholarships itself, it provides links to other places that do. It is an effective scholarship guide even though it doesn't have the same kind of search function that other sites offer.

In addition, has a lot of other information on college applications, including school profiles, tips, articles, and more. If you have the time, be sure to drop by. But if you're pressed, there are other places that will give you better results in a shorter time.