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Tips for Finding School Scholarships At Fastweb


  • Cost: Free.
  • Access: Total access to need & academic scholarships alike.
  • Scholarship Search Login: Required, and takes a lot of personal details to get. And if you're not careful, they will sell/give away your information.
  • Information Security: Fastweb says that your account is secure and the operators of FastWeb free scholarship search are trusted to run Monster job search.
  • Tip: Look for ways to opt out of the many ads you must face to create a login. There is usually a "no" button or checkbox you can click to say no thank you.
  • Custom scholarship search results: Yes. Detailed info in the login pays off with personalized results.
  • Scholarship Information Organization: Good. The search page displays a long listing of academic scholarships, with headings of name, amount, deadline, and type (i.e. grant, fellowship, etc.) Click on a header to reorder the list based on the (alphabetized) values in that header's column. Click the scholarship's name to get a detailed info page on that particular program.
  • Direct links to scholarship sites: Yes, once you look at the scholarship's info page within FastWeb. The link is easy to find from there.
  • Quantity of Scholarships: Impressively many results, noticeably more need and academic scholarships than are found in scholarship search books.

Search Scholarships

Finding School Scholarships on Fastweb

FastWeb comes from the same people who created Monster, the popular (and very well regarded) job search website. Applying the same philosophy to scholarship searches, they have created a good, comprehensive online database. You are required to fill in some personal information, and based upon your provided details, the free scholarship search will return potential matches. Academic scholarships and need based awards are both considered on FastWeb.

One of the great features of FastWeb was its use of intended major during the free scholarship search. There are a lot of funds out there just waiting to go to a student of a specific field. If you don't consider awards for your intended field, you could be missing significant academic scholarships. FastWeb considers all of these factors when it finds your results.

The one problem with FastWeb is that the signup and information gathering process is tedious, at best. FastWeb is a free scholarship search, but it's clear how they can afford to pay their bills: a vast assortment of online colleges and various student services will all be quite vigorously thrust into your awareness as you're trying to fill out the forms. And beware filling out a form incorrectly - you'll get to see new ads that push you to buy/visit/etc the advertiser's website.

Be wary when clicking the submit button on a form at FastWeb. Several times I nearly clicked submit on a "special offer" and ended up far away at a merchandising website. But so long as you look before you click, this free scholarship search is an excellent resource. Once you get beyond the signup in particular, the information is well presented. Due dates for most academic scholarships are listed right in the results, which is great if you are starting your search a touch on the later side.

In addition, the free scholarship search results page provides at-a-glance info on the specific amount available, and the type of funding provided. Grants, scholarships, fellowships, and essay contests are all readily distinguishable before you click a single search result. You can also sort by any of the available columns, making it easy to find the type of academic scholarship (or grant, fellowship, or contest) you're looking for.

Once you narrow down the list of possible scholarships, you'll want to look at the scholarship information in more detail. A simple click on the name of the scholarship will take you to a page that gives you a short description of the funding program, requirements, applicable majors, provider, number of awards available, and (most importantly) the link to the actual scholarship itself. You'll need a scholarship's homepage to actually fill out the application or learn what you need to do in order to enter the competition, but FastWeb does a great job of everything else.

Quick Recap

Good free scholarship search, even with lots of ads. Look before you click, but the searchability, custom results, and broad range of funding source results make it worth creating a login for this one.


Fastweb Scholarships Overall Rating

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Fastweb Scholarship Search Overview

Good free scholarship search, even with lots of ads. Look before you click, but the searchability, custom results, and broad range of funding source results make it worth creating a login for this one. If you're looking for fast and furious efficiency when finding college scholarships, then FastWeb is a great option. This college scholarship search engine is brought to you by the people at Monster Job Search and as you might imagine, offers many customized scholarship options in a convenient, organized manner.