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Scholarship Finder Site Snapshot:

  • Cost: Free.
  • Scholarship Search Login: No login required.
  • Information Security: No information required.
  • Custom scholarship search results: No.
  • Scholarship Information Organization: Mediocre.
  • Direct links to scholarship sites: Yes.
  • Quantity of Scholarships: Decent.
  • Tip: Look carefully at the articles and tips they give you. There's a lot to be found just on the left hand menu; don't skip past it.
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Finding College Scholarships on

At first, Scholarship Help looks like it'll be moderately useful at best. It quickly becomes clear that the website has no search function, which means that there is no way to get personalized scholarship results like you can on some other scholarship finder websites. But that isn't what Scholarship Help is designed to do. Instead, this site is designed to help you complete the scholarship applications you find elsewhere, giving you tips on compelling writing and explaining the way that scholarships actually work.

This information is incredibly useful, particularly if you're the first person in your family to tackle scholarship applications. These articles and web pages can help lay the groundwork, letting you know what works (and what doesn't) when writing a scholarship application essay. These tricks are anything but obvious, and they can make or break the decision to award a scholarship.

In addition, Scholarship Help has quite a few useful links for your scholarship search itself. You'll find that there are tips for evaluating scholarship opportunities as retrieved through another scholarship finder. There are also a handful of links provided by Scholarship Help itself, although these tend to be generic and pretty well-known. It's not worth going to Scholarship Help just to find new scholarship finder resources; the website is better for the "softer" information, such as how-to and tips for filling out applications.

Scholarship Help is also useful for getting general facts about college cost. They don't stick just to scholarship applications information either; instead, you'll find guidance about loans and other forms of tuition assistance as well. There are many other little sections that you may find helpful, ranging from college life to exam help. The degree to which they offer information can vary, but if you've got time we certainly recommend reading through. Who knows, you might find a tip that takes your scholarship applications from good to great.

If you're pressed for time, you can easily skip this -- particularly if you have been coached on how to write scholarship applications essays in the past, and if you're confident that you've explored your options and know what you're doing. But if you're not working with an admissions counselor or another scholarship professional, this website could be just as vital to your search as a scholarship finder. If you've got time, this place is definitely worth looking at.

Scholarship Help Overall Rating

Scholarship Help dot org Scholarship Search review rating

Scholarship Scholarship Finder Overview doesn't actually search through scholarship results for you. The closest you'll get to actual scholarship applications is a handful of links to big, well-known scholarship finders and resources on the web. But where this site shines is in the tips it gives you.

This scholarships site will almost certainly help you complete your scholarship applications, and no doubt you'll find it useful when you set out to apply for college. It offers a broad range of information, but its specialty is articles. Scholarship Help may not have scholarship applications, but it's worth checking out before you write your admissions essay or fill out any scholarship applications you'll find elsewhere.