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  • Cost: Free.
  • Scholarship Search Login: Required.
  • Information Security: Very Secure.
  • Tip: has excellent information security. They specifically state in their privacy policy that you won't be defaulted into receiving any promotional material - they won't flood your inbox with spam.
  • Custom scholarship search results: Very Custom.
  • Scholarship Information Organization: Excellent.
  • Direct links to scholarship sites: Yes.
  • Quantity of Scholarships: Outstanding.

Search Scholarships

Finding School Scholarships on

From the moment we started filling out the application form, already had us impressed. The information it asked for was incredibly detailed, but they weren't going to use it - in fact, they specifically stated that they were protecting our privacy in their information use policy. From there, we felt completely comfortable with the forms we had to fill out in order to get our profile. The only ads we had to contend with were tacked on to the bottom of every form page, asking us whether we'd like information that might be helpful to our college scholarship search, and it was easy enough to select "no."

The forms were well designed, but they are still long. However, the time you spend filling out your information is very richly rewarded: you get excellent results, and you also get very customized returns. It may take you more time to get to the results page, but once you get there you'll find that the listing of scholarships available is well worth it.

By far the best feature offered by is their outstanding ranking system. Based on the information you enter, they will not just list compatible scholarships, but actually rank them according to how many specifics required by the scholarship match up with what you entered. This is a powerful tool for finding scholarships available, and really cuts down on the time you'll spend on your college scholarship search. But don't neglect scholarship opportunities that may rank less highly. They may simply be larger scholarships whose requirements are less specific but whose money awards might well be higher.

Beyond the auto rankings, offers a highly searchable, easily organized listing of available scholarships. There is an advertising presence on the site, but it doesn't disrupt your college scholarship search and can be easily ignored. Just make sure you know what you're clicking before you hit the "submit" button, as these ads are often found at the bottom of forms you're filling out. After a while of staring at the screen and filling in boxes, it can be easy to overlook these ads and click them out of sheer habit. Don't do that and you'll hardly even notice the ads are there.

No matter where you are in your college scholarship search, you don't want to miss The number of listings and the organization are excellent. The website is user-friendly and allows for easy profile updates. Everything about this site is designed to help you. Take the time, fill out the forms, and let speed your college scholarship search right along. Overall Rating

Scholarship dot com review rating College Scholarship Search Site Overview

It may take time to fill in the information and register on, but the effort is well worth it, because this college scholarship search is one of the best ones we've found. All the scholarships available are compiled for easy viewing, and can be reorganized at your discretion.

But goes beyond that: they actually review your college scholarship search and provide a preliminary ranking based on how many of the given criteria you meet.

The great selection and excellent organization make a standout listing of scholarships available. Don't miss this college scholarship search.